Why Does My Snapchat Keep Saying Something Went Wrong

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to use Snapchat, only to be met with the dreaded message: “Something went wrong”? It’s a common issue that many Snapchat users face, including myself. In this article, I will delve into why this error occurs and share some personal insights and tips on how to troubleshoot and resolve it.

Understanding the “Something Went Wrong” Error

The “Something went wrong” error message on Snapchat usually indicates a temporary glitch or a problem with the app’s functionality. It can occur for several reasons, including issues with your internet connection, outdated app versions, or even server problems on Snapchat’s end.

Personally, I’ve encountered this error numerous times, and it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re hoping to capture and share a memorable moment with friends or followers. However, it’s important to remember that technology isn’t perfect, and occasional glitches are bound to happen.

Troubleshooting Steps for the “Something Went Wrong” Error

If you find yourself repeatedly encountering the “Something went wrong” error on Snapchat, here are some troubleshooting steps that may help resolve the issue:

  1. Check your internet connection: A weak or unstable internet connection can often be the culprit behind the error. Make sure you’re connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or try switching to mobile data if you’re experiencing the issue on Wi-Fi.
  2. Update the Snapchat app: Outdated app versions can sometimes cause compatibility issues and result in error messages. Head to your device’s app store and check for any available updates for Snapchat. Installing the latest version may resolve the problem.
  3. Clear app cache: Accumulated cache files can sometimes interfere with app functionality. Go to your device’s settings, find the Snapchat app, and clear the cache. This action will not delete your saved Snaps or Memories.
  4. Restart your device: A simple device restart can often work wonders in resolving minor software glitches. Give your device a quick restart and try using Snapchat again.
  5. Contact Snapchat Support: If none of the above steps work, it might be worth reaching out to Snapchat Support for further assistance. They have a dedicated team that can help troubleshoot and resolve app-related issues.


The “Something went wrong” error on Snapchat can be a frustrating obstacle to overcome. However, by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and staying patient, you can often resolve the issue and get back to sharing your moments with friends and followers. Remember, technology can be unpredictable, and occasional glitches are part of the digital world we live in.

So, the next time you encounter the “Something went wrong” error on Snapchat, don’t panic! Take a deep breath, try the troubleshooting steps, and hopefully, you’ll be back to snapping in no time.