Why Do Youtube Shorts Get More Views

Have you ever wondered why YouTube shorts seem to get more views than regular videos? As a fellow YouTube enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours analyzing the algorithm and user behaviors to understand this phenomenon. In this article, I’ll delve into the reasons why YouTube shorts often attract a larger audience and why they have become so popular.

The Rise of Short-form Content

One of the main reasons why YouTube shorts get more views is the rise of short-form content. In today’s fast-paced digital world, people have shorter attention spans and are constantly looking for quick bursts of entertainment. YouTube shorts, with their brief duration ranging from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, cater perfectly to this demand.

Short-form content is incredibly engaging. It allows creators to capture viewers’ attention within seconds and deliver their message effectively. With this format, creators have to get creative and concise, pushing them to deliver their content in the most captivating way possible.

The Power of Virality

YouTube shorts have gained immense popularity due to their viral nature. With the help of the YouTube algorithm, these short videos have the potential to reach a massive audience in a short period. YouTube’s recommendation system favors short-form content because of its ability to capture and retain viewers’ attention.

When a YouTube short starts gaining traction and engagement from viewers, the algorithm takes notice. It then starts recommending the short to more users, which can quickly snowball into exponential views and engagement. This inherent virality factor attracts creators to experiment with shorts in hopes of gaining a larger following and audience.

Discoverability and Explore Tab

The YouTube shorts feature benefits from its prominent placement in the platform’s interface. It has its dedicated section in the YouTube app called the “Shorts shelf,” where users can easily access and discover new short videos. This dedicated section increases the visibility and discoverability of shorts, exposing them to a wider audience.

Additionally, YouTube has introduced the “Explore” tab, which showcases a curated selection of shorts, further increasing their exposure. This feature enables users to browse and discover shorts based on their preferences, increasing the chances of getting more views for both new and established creators.

Entertainment in Bite-sized Format

YouTube shorts provide a unique and entertaining experience in a bite-sized format. They allow creators to experiment with different formats, whether it’s sharing a funny moment, a quick tutorial, or showcasing a talent. The brevity of shorts makes them easily consumable and shareable, which contributes to their viral potential.

Just like social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube shorts encourage viewers to engage with content through comments, likes, shares, and subscriptions. This interactive element fosters a sense of community and encourages users to spend more time on the platform, driving up views and engagement for shorts.


In conclusion, YouTube shorts get more views due to their short-form, highly engaging content that caters to the preferences of viewers with shorter attention spans. The viral nature of these shorts, aided by YouTube’s recommendation algorithm and the platform’s dedicated sections for shorts, boosts their discoverability and potential reach. As the popularity of short-form content continues to grow, it’s no surprise that YouTube shorts have become a dominant force on the platform.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out some YouTube shorts. You never know when you might stumble upon a hidden gem that will keep you entertained and laughing for hours!