Why Did Tiktok Remove Pinned Comments

As an avid TikTok user, I was surprised and intrigued when I noticed that TikTok had recently removed the feature of pinned comments. Pinned comments were a valuable tool for creators and users alike, allowing them to highlight important information or engage with their audience in a more direct way. However, I soon discovered that there were several reasons behind TikTok’s decision to remove this feature.

The rise of spam and abuse

One of the main reasons for TikTok removing pinned comments was the increasing problem of spam and abuse. Pinned comments were often targeted by spammers who would use them to promote their own content or engage in harmful behavior. It became a common practice for creators to pin comments that were unrelated to their content or contained offensive language.

TikTok’s decision to remove pinned comments was a necessary step to combat this issue. By removing the ability to pin comments, TikTok has made it harder for spammers to promote their content and has reduced the prevalence of abusive comments. This move ultimately helps create a safer and more positive environment for users.

Focusing on authentic engagement

Another reason behind the removal of pinned comments is TikTok’s desire to prioritize authentic engagement. Pinned comments often took up a prominent position on a post, overshadowing other comments and making it difficult for users to have their voices heard.

TikTok believes that genuine engagement should not be overshadowed by pinned comments. By removing this feature, TikTok aims to encourage more organic conversations between creators and their audience. Without the distraction of pinned comments, users can now focus more on interacting with each other and expressing their thoughts and opinions.

Streamlining the user experience

TikTok is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and enhance the platform’s usability. The removal of pinned comments is part of this ongoing effort. By simplifying the commenting system, TikTok aims to streamline the user interface and make it more intuitive for users to navigate and engage with content.

With the removal of pinned comments, TikTok has made the commenting section cleaner and more user-friendly. Users can now easily scroll through comments without being distracted by pinned comments. This change allows for a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience for TikTok users.


While the removal of pinned comments may have come as a surprise to many TikTok users, it is a decision that was made with the best interests of the platform and its community in mind. By eliminating spam and abuse, prioritizing authentic engagement, and streamlining the user experience, TikTok has taken a step towards creating a safer and more user-friendly environment for its millions of users.

As a TikTok user, I appreciate the efforts of the platform to continually improve and adapt to the needs of its community. While change can sometimes be challenging, it is important to remember that TikTok’s decision to remove pinned comments is aimed at creating a better experience for all users.