Where To Watch Free Shows Reddit

As a technology enthusiast and avid TV show fan, I am always on the lookout for the best platforms to watch my favorite shows for free. One platform that has gained immense popularity among show watchers is Reddit. Not only does Reddit provide a platform for discussions and communities, but it also offers a treasure trove of free shows that you can stream at your convenience. In this article, I will take you through the ins and outs of watching free shows on Reddit and share some personal tips and recommendations.

What is Reddit?

For those who aren’t familiar, Reddit is a social media platform and online community where users can share news, content, and engage in discussions. Reddit consists of various communities called “subreddits,” each dedicated to a particular topic or interest. These subreddits serve as hubs for people with similar interests to come together and share content.

How to find free shows on Reddit?

Reddit offers a vast range of subreddits dedicated to TV shows and movies. These subreddits act as a hub for users to share links to free streaming sites where you can watch your favorite shows. To find these subreddits, simply search for the name of the show you want to watch followed by “reddit” in the Reddit search bar. For example, if you want to watch “Game of Thrones,” search for “Game of Thrones reddit”.

Top Subreddits for free shows

Here are some of the top subreddits where you can find free shows:

  1. r/TVShows – This subreddit is dedicated to sharing links for all kinds of TV shows, including both new and old ones.
  2. r/moviecritic – Although primarily focused on movies, this subreddit also provides links to TV shows and offers discussions and recommendations.
  3. r/FullTVshowsonYouTube – As the name suggests, this subreddit focuses on sharing full TV shows available on YouTube.
  4. r/BestOfStreamingVideo – Here, you can find recommendations and links to high-quality streaming sources for TV shows.

Once you find a relevant subreddit, explore the posts and comments to find links to streaming sites where you can watch your desired shows for free.

Personal Tips and Recommendations

Having spent a considerable amount of time exploring Reddit for free shows, here are some personal tips and recommendations:

  • Always check the comments section of a post for feedback on the quality and reliability of the streaming links shared by fellow Redditors.
  • Be cautious when clicking on external links and make sure to have a reliable ad-blocker installed to avoid any unwanted pop-ups or ads.
  • If the first link doesn’t work, try scrolling down and checking other comments for alternative links.
  • Consider joining specific show-specific subreddits as they often share links exclusively for that show.


Reddit is a goldmine for free shows, with its vast collection of community-driven subreddits dedicated to sharing links for streaming sites. While it’s essential to keep in mind the ethical and legal implications of watching shows for free, Reddit can be a great resource for finding new and old shows that you may have missed or want to rewatch. Just remember to use caution, read through the comments, and have a reliable ad-blocker installed.