What To Watch Before Ahsoka Reddit

Before diving into the world of Ahsoka Tano on Reddit, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of her character and her journey throughout the Star Wars universe. Whether you’re a seasoned Star Wars fan or just getting started, there are a few key movies and TV shows that I highly recommend watching to fully appreciate and understand Ahsoka’s story.

The Clone Wars (2008-2020)

First and foremost, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” This critically acclaimed show introduces Ahsoka Tano as the Padawan learner of Anakin Skywalker. Throughout the series, we witness Ahsoka’s growth, her struggles, and her ultimate decision to leave the Jedi Order. The Clone Wars provides crucial context and backstory for Ahsoka, making it a must-watch for any Ahsoka fan.

Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018)

After The Clone Wars, Ahsoka’s story continues in the animated series “Star Wars Rebels.” Set a few years before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, Rebels follows a group of rebels as they fight against the oppressive Galactic Empire. Ahsoka plays a significant role in this series, and we get to see her evolve even further as a character. Watching Rebels will give you a deeper understanding of Ahsoka’s journey after leaving the Jedi Order and her connection to the larger Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

While the prequel trilogy as a whole provides context for Ahsoka’s story, “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” is particularly important. This movie showcases the events leading up to Ahsoka’s departure from the Jedi Order and adds additional emotional weight to her decision. It’s worth taking the time to watch or revisit this film to truly appreciate Ahsoka’s character arc.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian (2019-present)

Finally, it’s impossible to talk about Ahsoka Tano without mentioning her highly anticipated live-action debut in “Star Wars: The Mandalorian.” Ahsoka’s appearance in the hit Disney+ series is a game-changer and introduces her to a whole new audience. Watching The Mandalorian will not only give you a glimpse of Ahsoka’s life after Rebels but also provide insight into her role in the larger Star Wars universe.

So, before you dive into the Ahsoka Tano community on Reddit, make sure you’ve watched the essential films and shows that shape her character. The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Revenge of the Sith, and The Mandalorian all provide valuable context and background to fully appreciate Ahsoka’s journey.

Now, armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to join the Ahsoka Tano subreddit and engage with fellow fans who share your passion for this beloved Star Wars character. May the Force be with you!