What To Snapchat Your Crush

When it comes to communicating with your crush, Snapchat can be a fun and interactive way to capture their attention. Sharing snippets of your daily life, inside jokes, and even flirty messages can help you build a closer connection. In this article, I will share some ideas on what to Snapchat your crush, adding personal touches and commentary from my own experiences.

1. Share Funny Moments

Everyone loves a good laugh, so why not send your crush a funny moment from your day? Whether it’s a hilarious meme, a funny video, or a silly selfie, sharing something humorous can help break the ice and show your fun side. Just make sure the content is lighthearted and not offensive.

2. Send Snapshots of Your Interests

One way to connect with your crush is by sharing snapshots of your interests. If you both enjoy a particular hobby, like photography, sports, or music, send them a snap of something related to that interest. It shows that you have common ground and can spark interesting conversations.

3. Show Off Your Skills

If you excel at something, whether it’s playing an instrument, cooking, or painting, don’t be afraid to showcase your skills to your crush. Send them a snap of you performing or the final result of your creation. It’s a great way to impress them and let them see your talents.

4. Share Interesting Articles or Videos

Sharing thought-provoking articles or captivating videos can be a great way to engage your crush in meaningful conversations. If you come across an interesting piece of content related to their interests or a topic you both enjoy, send it their way. It shows that you value their opinions and want to discuss things that matter to both of you.

5. Flirt Gently

When Snapchatting your crush, it’s important to flirt gently and respectfully. Send them cute selfies with a sweet caption, compliment their appearance or achievements, or playfully tease them. However, always be aware of their response and boundaries. If they seem uncomfortable or uninterested, it’s better to dial back the flirting.


Snapchatting your crush can be a fun and exciting way to get closer to them. Remember to be yourself, show your sense of humor, share your interests, and flirt gently. It’s important to respect their boundaries and be attentive to their responses. If you play your cards right, Snapchat can become a tool to build a stronger connection with your crush. Good luck!