Is Opentip Legit Reddit

Opentip is a popular online retailer that offers a wide range of products, from electronics to clothing to household items. However, when it comes to determining whether Opentip is legit, Reddit can be a valuable source of information. As someone who frequently browses Reddit for product recommendations and reviews, I decided to dive deep into the Opentip subreddit to see what users had to say about the legitimacy of this online store.

Initial Impressions

Upon entering the Opentip subreddit, I was greeted with a mix of positive and negative posts. Many users shared their positive experiences with Opentip, praising the website for its competitive prices and fast shipping. Others, however, expressed concerns about the quality of the products and the customer service they received.

Quality of Products

One recurring topic on the subreddit was the quality of products purchased from Opentip. Some users reported receiving items that were of excellent quality and exactly as described on the website. They were satisfied with their purchases and would recommend Opentip to others.

On the other hand, there were also users who expressed disappointment in the quality of the products they received. They claimed that the items they ordered were of inferior quality, did not match the description on the website, or broke shortly after use. These users were frustrated with their experience and advised others to be cautious when purchasing from Opentip.

Customer Service

Another important aspect discussed on the Opentip subreddit was customer service. Some users shared positive experiences, mentioning helpful and responsive customer support representatives who quickly resolved their issues. These users felt that Opentip’s customer service was reliable and efficient.

However, there were also reports of poor customer service, with users expressing frustration over delayed responses and unhelpful representatives. Some users claimed that their issues were not adequately addressed or resolved, leading to a negative experience with Opentip’s customer service.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery times were also a topic of discussion on the subreddit. Many users reported fast and reliable shipping, with their orders arriving on time or even earlier than expected. They praised Opentip for their efficient delivery process.

However, there were a few users who had negative experiences with shipping and delivery. Some claimed that their orders took longer than advertised to arrive, causing frustration and inconvenience. These users felt that Opentip’s shipping process could be improved.


After delving deep into the Opentip subreddit, it’s clear that there is a mix of opinions regarding the legitimacy of this online retailer. While some users had positive experiences with Opentip, others had concerns about the quality of products, customer service, and shipping process.

Based on this information, it’s important for potential customers to carefully consider their individual needs and preferences before making a purchase from Opentip. Reading reviews, both positive and negative, can provide valuable insights into the overall customer experience.

Ultimately, as a helpful assistant, I encourage you to conduct your own research and make an informed decision when deciding whether Opentip is the right online retailer for you. Remember to take into account the experiences shared on Reddit, as well as the specific details of your desired purchase. Happy shopping!