How To View Stories On Snapchat Web

So you’re a Snapchat enthusiast like me and you want to know how to view stories on Snapchat web? Well, you’re in the right place! As a tech enthusiast and avid Snapchat user, I’ve got you covered. I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step, so you can easily access and enjoy your friends’ stories from the comfort of your desktop or laptop.

Step 1: Open Snapchat Web

The first thing you need to do is visit the Snapchat website on your web browser. Simply open your favorite web browser and type in Once you’re on the website, you’ll notice that there’s no obvious way to view stories like you can on the mobile app.

Step 2: Developer Tools

Now, this is where things get a little trickier but don’t worry, I’ll explain it all. Right-click anywhere on the Snapchat webpage and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” from the dropdown menu. This will open the developer tools panel.

In the developer tools panel, you’ll see a bunch of code and different tabs. Don’t be intimidated, we just need to make a small change to access the stories.

Step 3: Mobile View

Next, we need to switch to the mobile view. In the top left corner of the developer tools panel, you’ll see a small icon that looks like a mobile phone or tablet. Click on it to activate the mobile view.

Now, the Snapchat webpage will appear as it would on your smartphone. You may need to refresh the page for the changes to take effect.

Step 4: View Stories

Once you’re in mobile view, you’ll notice the familiar Snapchat interface. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a row of icons representing various features, including the “Discover” section where stories are located.

Click on the icon that looks like a square speech bubble to access the Discover section. Here, you’ll see a grid of stories from your friends and popular content creators. Simply click on a story to start viewing it. You can swipe left or right to navigate between different stories.

Step 5: Interact with Stories

While viewing stories on Snapchat web, you can interact with them just like you would on the mobile app. You can tap to skip to the next snap, swipe up to view attachments or see more details, and even send a message or emoji by clicking on the text input box at the bottom of the screen.


And there you have it! By following these simple steps, you can easily view stories on Snapchat web. Now you can enjoy your favorite snaps and keep up with your friends’ stories even when you’re on your computer. Happy snapping!