How To Use Spoiler On Discord

Discord has become an essential platform for communication within gaming communities and various online groups. With its features like text chat, voice calls, and video conferencing, Discord provides a seamless experience for users to connect and interact. One of the features that I find particularly useful and fun to use is the spoiler feature.

Using spoilers on Discord allows you to hide text or images behind a blurred overlay, preventing others from accidentally reading or seeing the content until they choose to reveal it. This feature is especially helpful when discussing spoilers for movies, TV shows, books, or games, ensuring that everyone has the choice to opt-in or out of the conversation without having important details spoiled for them. Let me show you how to use spoilers on Discord.

Step 1: Typing Spoiler Text

To create a spoiler on Discord, simply type your message surrounded by double vertical bars (||) like this: ||Spoiler text here||. For example, if you want to hide a movie spoiler, you can type: ||Did you see that plot twist in the movie?||.

Step 2: Sending Spoiler Images

If you want to send a spoiler image on Discord, it’s just as easy. You can attach the image to your message as you would normally, but before sending it, add the spoiler tag by clicking on the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox below the image. This will blur the image until someone clicks on it to reveal the content.

Step 3: Viewing Spoilers

When someone posts a spoiler message or image, you will see a grayed-out or blurred overlay over the content. To view the spoiler, simply click on the blurred area or text, and it will be revealed to you. This ensures that you have control over what you choose to see and when.

Personal Touch and Commentary

I personally love using the spoiler feature on Discord because it allows me to freely discuss and share content without worrying about spoiling it for others. It’s a considerate feature that promotes a respectful and enjoyable community experience. Whether it’s discussing the latest plot twist in a TV show or sharing exciting game moments without revealing spoilers, the spoiler feature on Discord adds an extra layer of engagement and excitement.

With the spoiler feature, it’s easy to have spoiler-filled conversations without ruining the experience for others. It’s a great way to respect everyone’s preferences when it comes to consuming media and fosters a positive environment for discussions.


The spoiler feature on Discord is a useful tool for any community that wants to have spoiler-filled discussions without spoiling the fun for others. Whether you’re talking about movies, TV shows, books, or games, using spoilers ensures that everyone has control over what they choose to see. So next time you’re sharing a spoiler, remember to use the handy spoiler feature on Discord to keep the excitement alive while respecting others’ preferences!