How To Underline Text Discord

Greetings, fellow Discord enthusiasts!

Are you tired of your text in Discord looking plain and lacking emphasis? Fear not, for I am here to guide you on how to underline text in Discord! Adding an underline to your messages can help you convey importance, highlight key points, or simply add some flair to your conversations. Let’s dive in and uncover this nifty feature!

Step 1: Markdown Basics

Before we proceed, it’s important to understand the basics of formatting text in Discord. Discord supports a lightweight markup language called Markdown, which allows you to add various styles to your text.

To start underlining your text, you’ll need to enclose it between two underscores (_). For example, typing _Hello, Discord!_ will result in Hello, Discord!. Simple, right?

Step 2: Applying the Underline

Now that you know the Markdown syntax for underlining, it’s time to put it into action! Open up Discord and locate the chat window where you wish to emphasize your text.

Type your desired message and enclose the section you want to underline with underscores. For example, if you want to underline the word “awesome” in your sentence, type _awesome_ within the message.

Once you hit Enter or send the message, Discord’s magic will convert those underscores into a lovely underline, making your text stand out!

Step 3: Get Creative with Underlining

Underlining text in Discord doesn’t have to be limited to single words. You can underline an entire sentence, a phrase, or even a paragraph! Just keep in mind to use the underscores (_) at the beginning and end of the text you want to emphasize.

Want to take it up a notch? Combine the underline formatting with other Markdown styles to create eye-catching messages. For example, you can use double asterisks to add bold and underline effects at the same time, like **_incredible_**.

Step 4: Mobile Devices

Using Markdown to underline text works in both the desktop and mobile versions of Discord. However, the process might slightly vary depending on your device. On mobile, you might need to enable the Markdown feature in your settings before being able to apply underlines.

To do this, open the Discord app, tap on your profile picture, go to Settings, and scroll down to the Text & Images section. Toggle on the “Parse Markdown as you type” option. Now you can use Markdown formatting, including underlining, in your mobile messages too!


With the power of Markdown formatting, underlining your text in Discord has never been easier. Whether you want to add emphasis to important points or simply showcase your creative side, the underline feature is at your disposal.

So go ahead, spice up your conversations, and let your words make a stylish impact in Discord. Happy chatting!