How To Transfer Stubhub Tickets

Transferring StubHub tickets can sometimes be a confusing process, but with a little guidance, it can be a breeze. As someone who has frequently used StubHub to buy and sell tickets, I understand the importance of a smooth transfer process. In this article, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of transferring StubHub tickets, sharing some personal tips and insights along the way.

Step 1: Check the Transfer Eligibility

Before you can transfer your tickets, it’s important to make sure they are eligible for transfer. Some tickets, such as mobile-only tickets or tickets that have already been transferred once, may not be eligible. To check the eligibility of your tickets, log in to your StubHub account and go to the “My Tickets” section. Look for the “Transfer Eligible” label next to your tickets.

Step 2: Select the Tickets to Transfer

Once you have confirmed the eligibility of your tickets, it’s time to select the specific tickets you want to transfer. In the “My Tickets” section, click on the ticket you wish to transfer. This will take you to the ticket details page. Look for the “Transfer Tickets” button and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the Transfer Method

StubHub offers two transfer methods: email and mobile. The email transfer method allows you to send the tickets electronically to the recipient’s email address. The mobile transfer method allows you to send the tickets directly to the recipient’s mobile device, where they can be accessed through the StubHub app. Choose the transfer method that is most convenient for you and the recipient.

Step 4: Enter the Recipient’s Information

After choosing the transfer method, you will need to enter the recipient’s information. If you are transferring the tickets via email, enter the recipient’s email address. If you are transferring the tickets via mobile, enter the recipient’s mobile phone number. Double-check the information to ensure it is accurate and click on the “Next” button.

Step 5: Review and Confirm

Before completing the transfer, it’s important to review all the details one last time. Make sure the selected tickets, transfer method, and recipient’s information are correct. Once you are satisfied, click on the “Transfer Tickets” button to initiate the transfer.

Step 6: Notify the Recipient

After the transfer has been initiated, it’s important to notify the recipient. If you have chosen the email transfer method, let the recipient know that they will receive an email with instructions on how to access the tickets. If you have chosen the mobile transfer method, inform the recipient to check their StubHub app for the transferred tickets.

Step 7: Follow Up

Once the transfer is complete, it’s always a good idea to follow up with the recipient to ensure they have received the tickets successfully. This not only helps maintain a positive experience for both parties but also gives you peace of mind knowing that the transfer was successful.


Transferring StubHub tickets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily transfer your tickets to friends, family, or buyers without any hassle. Remember to check the eligibility of your tickets, select the transfer method that suits you, enter the recipient’s information accurately, and always follow up to ensure a smooth transfer process. Now go ahead and make someone’s day by transferring those tickets!