How To Start Poll On Twitch As Mod

Starting a poll on Twitch as a moderator can be a great way to engage with your community and make your streams more interactive. As a frequent Twitch viewer and moderator myself, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with different methods of starting polls, and I’m excited to share my insights with you!

Why Use Polls on Twitch?

Polls can be an excellent tool to involve your viewers in the decision-making process during your streams. They can help you gather feedback, make important choices, and create a sense of community involvement. Whether it’s deciding which game to play next or determining the topic for your next stream, polls can turn a passive viewing experience into an interactive one.

Step 1: Install a Poll Bot

The first step to starting a poll on Twitch as a mod is to install a poll bot onto your channel. There are several third-party bots available, such as Nightbot, Streamlabs Chatbot, or Moobot, which offer polling functionalities.

To install a poll bot, you’ll need to authorize it to access your Twitch account. This usually involves providing the necessary permissions through the Twitch website or Twitch’s integration panel.

Step 2: Set Up the Poll

Once the poll bot is installed, you’ll need to set up the poll. The specific commands and syntax may vary depending on the bot you’re using, so make sure to consult the bot’s documentation for detailed instructions. Generally, you’ll need to use a command followed by the question and the available options.

!poll "What game should we play next?" "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3"

Step 3: Start the Poll

After setting up the poll, it’s time to start it and let your viewers vote. Using the appropriate command, you can initiate the poll and display it in your stream’s chat.

!poll start

Step 4: Interact with the Results

As the poll progresses, you’ll want to keep an eye on the results and provide commentary. This is where the personal touch as a moderator comes into play. Share your thoughts on the options, encourage viewers to vote, and discuss the implications of the current poll results.

You can periodically check the poll’s progress by using the bot’s command for displaying the current results:

!poll results

Step 5: End the Poll and Announce the Results

Once you feel that enough time has passed or the voting has slowed down, it’s time to end the poll and announce the results. Use the appropriate command to close the poll:

!poll end

After ending the poll, share the final results with your viewers and discuss any implications or decisions you may make based on the outcome. This helps create a sense of accountability and ensures that your community feels involved in the decision-making process.


Starting a poll on Twitch as a mod can be a fantastic way to engage your viewers and make your streams more interactive. By installing a poll bot, setting up the poll, starting it, interacting with the results, and announcing the outcome, you can create a fun and engaging experience for your viewers. Remember to add your personal touch as a moderator to make the polls even more enjoyable for everyone involved!