How To Share Tiktok To Instagram Story

Hey there! So, you want to know how to share your TikTok videos with your Instagram story? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As a tech enthusiast and avid user of both platforms, I’m here to guide you through the process step-by-step. Trust me, it’s super easy!

Why Share TikTok to Instagram Story?

Before we dive into the “how,” let’s quickly discuss the “why.” Sharing your TikTok videos to your Instagram story is a fantastic way to cross-promote your content and reach a wider audience. Instagram stories have a massive user base, giving your TikTok videos more visibility and potentially attracting new followers.

Moreover, sharing your TikTok videos on Instagram allows you to add your personal touch and commentary. You can embellish your videos with stickers, text, and other Instagram story features, giving them a unique twist and making them even more engaging.

Step 1: Downloading Your TikTok Video

The first step is to download the TikTok video you want to share to your Instagram story. Open the TikTok app and go to the video you’d like to share. Tap on the share icon (the arrow pointing right) located on the right side of the screen.

Next, tap on the “Save Video” option. This will save the TikTok video to your device’s gallery. Now, you’ll be able to access it when sharing it on Instagram.

Step 2: Sharing TikTok Video to Instagram Story

Once you have downloaded your TikTok video, open the Instagram app on your device. Swipe right to access your Instagram camera and go to the “Story” section. Alternatively, you can tap on your profile picture located in the top-left corner of the screen.

Now, locate the TikTok video you downloaded in your device’s gallery. Tap on it to select it. Once selected, you can add text, stickers, and other fun Instagram story features to personalize your video even more.

When you’re ready to share, simply tap on the “Your Story” button at the bottom of the screen. You can also choose to share it with specific friends or groups by tapping on the “Send To” button and selecting the desired recipients.

Step 3: Adding a TikTok Link to Your Instagram Story

If you want to drive traffic directly to your TikTok account, you can add a clickable link to your Instagram story. Unfortunately, adding external links to Instagram stories is only available for verified accounts or accounts with more than 10,000 followers. So, if you meet these criteria, here’s how you can do it:

  1. After selecting the TikTok video from your gallery, tap on the chain-link icon located at the top of the screen.
  2. A pop-up will appear, giving you the option to enter a website URL. Paste the link to your TikTok account or video in the provided field.
  3. Click “Done” to finalize the link attachment.

Now, your Instagram story viewers can swipe up on your story to access the TikTok link you added.


Sharing your TikTok videos to your Instagram story is a fantastic way to boost your content’s visibility and engage with your followers in a more personalized way. Remember to add your own touch and commentary to make your videos even more appealing. And if you’re eligible, don’t forget to add a clickable link to drive traffic back to your TikTok account.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start sharing your fantastic TikTok videos to your Instagram story! Happy creating!