How To Set Up Facebook Portal

I recently got my hands on a Facebook Portal, and let me tell you, it has been a game changer for staying connected with my loved ones. Setting up the Facebook Portal was a breeze, and I’m here to guide you through the process step by step. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Unboxing and Physical Setup

When you unbox your Facebook Portal, you’ll find the device itself, a power adapter, and a quick start guide. The first thing you’ll notice is the sleek design of the Portal, with its high-resolution display and built-in camera. Finding a suitable spot for your Portal is important, as it needs to be placed on a stable surface and within range of your home Wi-Fi network.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location, connect the power adapter to the Portal and plug it into an electrical outlet. The device will power on automatically, and you’ll see a series of prompts on the screen to guide you through the setup process.

Step 2: Connecting to Wi-Fi

To connect your Facebook Portal to your Wi-Fi network, follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll need to select your preferred language and then choose your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks. Enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted, and the Portal will establish a connection.

Step 3: Logging in with Facebook

Next, you’ll need to log in to your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ll need to create one before proceeding with the setup. Once you’re logged in, the Portal will sync with your Facebook profile and import your contacts.

Step 4: Personalizing Your Portal

Now that your Facebook Portal is set up, it’s time to personalize it to suit your preferences. You can choose a custom background photo or even use your own photos as a slideshow. Additionally, you can customize your greetings and notifications settings to make your Portal truly yours.

Step 5: Making Video Calls

One of the main features of the Facebook Portal is its ability to make high-quality video calls. To start a video call, simply say, “Hey Portal” followed by the name of the contact you want to call. You can also use the touch screen to select contacts or use the built-in voice commands. The Portal’s smart camera and sound technology will automatically track your movements and enhance the audio for a seamless calling experience.

Step 6: Exploring Additional Features

Besides video calls, the Facebook Portal offers a range of other features. You can use it to stream music, watch videos, and even play games. The Portal also integrates with popular music and video streaming services, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content with ease.


Setting up the Facebook Portal is a straightforward process that anyone can do. With its sleek design and powerful capabilities, the Portal is a great addition to any home. Whether you want to stay connected with family and friends or enjoy multimedia content, the Facebook Portal has got you covered.

So, why not give it a try and bring your video calling experience to a whole new level?