How To Scan Qr Code In Discord

Scanning QR codes has become an increasingly popular way of accessing information quickly and conveniently. Whether you’re using it for marketing purposes or simply to share a website link, QR codes are everywhere these days. But did you know that you can also scan QR codes within the Discord app? It’s a feature that many Discord users might not be aware of, but it’s incredibly useful once you start using it. In this article, I will guide you through the process of scanning QR codes in Discord and share some personal experiences along the way.

Why Scan QR Codes in Discord?

Before we dive into the “how” of scanning QR codes in Discord, let’s first explore why you would want to do that in the first place. Discord is widely known as a popular communication platform for gamers, but it has evolved into much more than that. With the ability to create and join servers, Discord has become a hub for communities of all types. And with the ability to scan QR codes, Discord becomes even more versatile.

Scanning QR codes in Discord allows you to quickly join servers, access server invites, and even share information with your friends or community. Imagine attending a virtual event or conference and simply scanning a QR code to join the corresponding Discord server. It eliminates the need to manually enter server details or share invite links. It’s all about convenience and simplifying the process.

How to Scan QR Codes in Discord

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of scanning QR codes in Discord. The process is straightforward and can be done with just a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Discord app on your device and make sure you’re logged in.
  2. Locate the QR code you want to scan. This can be on a website, physical printout, or even on the screen of another device.
  3. Launch the camera feature within Discord by clicking on the QR code icon in the top left corner of the app. Alternatively, you can also access the camera by going to the “Friends” tab and clicking on the QR code icon there.
  4. Position the QR code within the camera’s viewfinder. Make sure it’s well-lit and in focus for the best scanning results.
  5. Once the QR code is properly aligned within the camera’s viewfinder, Discord will automatically recognize it and prompt you with options depending on the type of QR code you scanned. For example, if it’s a server invite QR code, you’ll be given the option to join that server.
  6. Click on the relevant option to proceed. Discord will then take you to the appropriate destination, whether it’s joining a server, accessing a website, or any other action associated with the QR code.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully scanned a QR code in Discord and taken the necessary action. It’s a relatively simple process that can save you time and effort when it comes to joining servers or accessing information.

My Personal Experience with Scanning QR Codes in Discord

As a tech enthusiast and avid Discord user, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various features of the platform. Scanning QR codes in Discord has been one of those features that has added a new level of convenience to my Discord experience.

I remember attending a virtual gaming convention where each booth had a QR code to join their respective Discord servers. Instead of manually typing in server invites or searching for them, I simply scanned the QR codes and instantly found myself in the relevant servers. It was seamless and allowed me to quickly connect with like-minded individuals, join discussions, and discover new games and projects.


Scanning QR codes in Discord is an underrated feature that can greatly enhance your Discord experience. It’s a simple process that allows you to quickly join servers, access information, and share content within the Discord community. Whether you’re attending virtual events, connecting with friends, or exploring new communities, scanning QR codes in Discord is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. Give it a try and see how it can improve your Discord journey!