How To Put A Video On Facebook

Putting a video on Facebook is a great way to share your favorite moments with your friends and family. Whether it’s a funny clip, a heartfelt message, or an exciting adventure, sharing videos on Facebook allows you to connect and engage with your social network. In this article, I’ll guide you step by step on how to put a video on Facebook.

Step 1: Sign in to Facebook

The first thing you need to do is sign in to your Facebook account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create one by visiting Once you’re signed in, you’ll be ready to start sharing your video.

Step 2: Create a New Post

Next, locate the area where you can create a new post. On the Facebook homepage, you’ll usually find it at the top of your News Feed. Look for the text that says “What’s on your mind?” or “Write something…” and click on it to start a new post.

Step 3: Upload Your Video

Now it’s time to upload your video. Click on the “Photo/Video” button or icon in the post creation area. A file browser window will appear, allowing you to select the video file from your computer or device. Choose the video you want to upload and click “Open” to begin the upload process.

Step 4: Add a Captivating Caption

While your video is uploading, you can add a caption to provide some context or share your thoughts about the video. This is a great opportunity to add a personal touch and make your post more engaging. Let your creativity shine through!

Step 5: Customize Your Video Settings

Before you hit the “Post” button, you can customize the privacy settings and audience for your video. If you want your video to be viewable by everyone, select “Public.” If you prefer to share it with specific friends or groups, choose “Friends” or “Custom.” Take a moment to review and select the settings that suit your preferences.

Step 6: Post and Share!

Once your video is uploaded, captioned, and the privacy settings are in place, it’s time to hit that “Post” button! Your video will now appear on your Facebook timeline, and your friends will be able to view, like, and comment on it. If you want to share the video with even more people, you can also click on the “Share” button to post it on your friends’ timelines or in groups you’re part of.


Sharing videos on Facebook is an excellent way to connect with others and share your memorable moments. By following these simple steps, you can easily put a video on Facebook and engage with your friends and family. Remember to keep your videos interesting and add a personal touch with captions and comments. So go ahead and start sharing your videos on Facebook today!