How To Make A Welcome Screen On Discord

Discord is a popular platform for gamers and communities to connect and chat. One of the features that can enhance your server experience is a welcome screen. A welcome screen is a customized message that new members see when they join your server. It’s a great way to set the tone and provide important information to newcomers.

Before we get started, I want to mention that creating a welcome screen on Discord requires the use of a bot. Bots are third-party applications that can automate tasks and add features to your server. There are several bot options available, but for this tutorial, we will be using the popular bot called Dyno.

To begin, make sure you have the necessary permissions to add a bot to your server. You must have the “Manage Server” permission or be the server owner. Once you have the required permissions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Invite the Dyno bot

First, we need to invite the Dyno bot to our server. To do this, go to the Dyno website and click on the “Invite” button. You will be redirected to Discord, where you can select the server you want to add Dyno to. Make sure you have the correct server selected and click “Authorize” to grant Dyno the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Set up a welcome channel

Once Dyno is added to your server, you need to set up a welcome channel. This is the channel where the welcome message will be displayed. To do this, go to your Discord server and create a new channel specifically for welcome messages. You can name it something like “Welcome” or “Introduction”.

Step 3: Configure the welcome message

Now that you have a welcome channel, it’s time to configure the welcome message. To do this, type !config welcomeMessage in the chat of your server. Dyno will respond with a prompt asking you to enter the message you want to display. You can customize this message to your liking, adding a personal touch or any necessary information for your new members.

For example, you can use a message like:

Welcome to our server! We're excited to have you here. Please take a moment to read the rules in the #rules channel and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or join in on the discussions. Enjoy your stay!

Step 4: Enable the welcome message

After configuring the welcome message, you need to enable it for the welcome channel. To do this, type !config welcomeEnabled true in the chat of your server. This will activate the welcome message and new members will see it when they join.

Step 5: Test the welcome message

Before finalizing everything, it’s a good idea to test the welcome message to ensure it’s working correctly. You can do this by inviting a test account to your server. Once the test account joins, check if the welcome message is displayed in the welcome channel.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a welcome screen on Discord using the Dyno bot. New members will now receive a warm greeting and important information when they join your server.

Remember to keep the welcome message up to date and make any necessary changes as your server evolves. A welcoming community starts with a thoughtful welcome message!

In conclusion, setting up a welcome screen on Discord can greatly enhance the new member experience and make them feel more welcomed and included. With the help of a bot like Dyno, you can easily customize and automate the welcome message process. So go ahead, give it a try, and make your server an even more inviting place!