How To Make A Seed Catcher For Bird Feeder Pinterest

When it comes to bird feeders, I’ve always loved having them in my backyard. It’s such a joy to see the different birds that come to visit and enjoy the snacks I provide for them. However, one problem I faced was the mess that the birds would create by scattering the seeds all over the ground. That’s when I decided to make a seed catcher for my bird feeder, inspired by ideas I found on Pinterest. In this article, I will guide you through the process of making your own seed catcher for your bird feeder, so you can enjoy the beauty of the birds without the mess.

Gather Materials

The first step in making a seed catcher is to gather all the necessary materials. You will need:

  • A plastic or metal plate with a diameter slightly larger than your bird feeder
  • Scissors
  • String or wire
  • Hooks or clips

Measure and Cut

Next, measure the diameter of your bird feeder and mark that measurement on the plastic or metal plate. Use the scissors to carefully cut along the marked line. Make sure to cut a small hole in the center of the plate that will allow the bird feeder to pass through.

Attach the Plate

Once you have cut the plate, it’s time to attach it to your bird feeder. This can be done in a few different ways, depending on the type of bird feeder you have. One option is to use string or wire to create a loop that can be hung from the top of the bird feeder. Another option is to use hooks or clips to secure the plate to the sides of the bird feeder. Choose the method that works best for you and your bird feeder.

Test and Adjust

After attaching the plate to your bird feeder, it’s important to test it out and make any necessary adjustments. Hang or place your bird feeder in its desired location and observe how the seed catcher functions. If you notice that seeds are still falling through, you can try adjusting the height or angle of the plate to ensure maximum seed capture.

Enjoy a Cleaner Backyard

Now that you have successfully made and installed a seed catcher for your bird feeder, you can enjoy a cleaner backyard with less mess. The seed catcher will help prevent seeds from scattering all over the ground, making it easier to maintain a tidy outdoor space. Plus, the birds will appreciate having easy access to the seeds without having to search for them on the ground.


Making a seed catcher for your bird feeder is a simple and practical solution to keep your backyard clean and enjoyable. With just a few materials and some crafting skills, you can create a customized seed catcher that fits your bird feeder perfectly. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a more organized bird feeding experience!