How To Make A Forum On Discord

Discord is not only a platform for gamers to connect and communicate, but it also provides the functionality to create a forum where communities can gather and discuss various topics. As someone who has been an avid Discord user for years, I can assure you that creating a forum on Discord is a straightforward process. In this article, I will guide you through the steps of setting up a forum on Discord, and I will also share some personal tips and tricks along the way.

Step 1: Creating a Server

The first step in creating a forum on Discord is to create a server. A server serves as the foundation for your forum, where users can join and engage in discussions. Click on the plus (+) button on the left sidebar of your Discord client and choose “Create a Server”. Give your server a unique name, select a region, and click “Create”. Congratulations, you now have your own server!

Step 2: Channels and Categories

Channels and categories are the building blocks of your forum. They help organize discussions into specific topics. To create a channel, right-click on your server’s name and select “Create Channel”. Give the channel a name that reflects the topic or category it represents, and choose the appropriate settings such as channel type (text or voice), permissions, and channel topic.

Creating categories helps to further organize your channels. To create a category, right-click on your server’s name, choose “Create Category”, and give it a name. You can then drag and drop channels into the category for better organization. For example, if your forum is about technology, you might create categories like “Hardware”, “Software”, and “Gaming”.

Step 3: Permissions and Roles

Setting up permissions and roles is essential in maintaining a well-functioning and organized forum. Roles allow you to assign different levels of permissions to users based on their roles within the forum.

To create roles, navigate to your server settings, click on the “Roles” tab, and then click on the plus (+) button to create a new role. Give the role a name and configure its permissions. For example, you might create roles like “Admin”, “Moderator”, and “Member”. Assigning roles and permissions helps ensure that only authorized individuals can perform certain actions, such as moderating discussions or managing channels.

Step 4: Moderation and Rules

Maintaining a healthy and respectful environment is crucial for the success of any forum. As the forum owner or administrator, it is your responsibility to enforce rules and moderate discussions. Clearly define and communicate your forum’s rules to the users, and ensure that there are consequences for violating them.

You can use moderation bots, such as MEE6 or Dyno, to automate moderation tasks and keep the forum clean. These bots can help with tasks like filtering out spam, managing user roles, and issuing warnings or bans for users who breach the rules.

Step 5: Customization and Integration

One of the great advantages of Discord is its versatility when it comes to customization and integration. You can enhance your forum by adding bots that provide additional functionalities, such as music playback, polls, or user analytics.

To add a bot, you can search for reputable bot websites like or Once you find a bot that suits your needs, authorize it to join your server and follow the provided instructions to set it up. Each bot has its own command system, so make sure to read the documentation to understand how to use it effectively.


Creating a forum on Discord is an excellent way to build a community and foster discussions around specific topics. With the right setup, moderation, and customization, you can create a vibrant and engaging forum experience for your users. Remember to continually engage with your community, respond to feedback, and adapt as needed to create the best forum possible.