How To Make A Facebook Video With Music

Have you ever wanted to create a stunning Facebook video with your favorite music? Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to show you exactly how to do it! Adding music to your Facebook videos can make them more engaging, emotional, and memorable. Whether you want to share a special moment, promote your business, or simply entertain your friends, incorporating music into your videos can take them to the next level.

Gather Your Materials

Before we dive into the process of adding music to your Facebook video, let’s make sure you have everything you need:

  1. Your video footage: This could be a video you’ve already recorded or one you’re planning to shoot specifically for this project.
  2. Your chosen music: Make sure you have the audio file or access to the song you want to use. Keep in mind that you should only use music that you have the rights to or music that is royalty-free.
  3. A video editing software: There are several options available, both free and paid, that you can use to edit your videos. Some popular choices include Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.

Import Your Video and Music

Once you have gathered all your materials, it’s time to import your video footage and music into your chosen video editing software. Open the software and create a new project. Look for the option to import media and select your video file and music file. Depending on the software you’re using, you may need to drag and drop the files into the timeline or import them using a specific menu.

Edit Your Video and Add Music

Now that you have your video and music imported into your project, it’s time to start editing. Trim your video footage to the desired length and make any other necessary adjustments. This could include adding transitions, text overlays, or special effects.

Next, locate the audio track of your video editing software. You should see a separate audio track where you can add your music. Drag and drop your music file onto this track and make sure it aligns with the video footage. You can adjust the volume of the music to ensure it doesn’t overpower your video.

Export and Share Your Video

Once you are satisfied with your video and music, it’s time to export it. Choose the appropriate export settings based on your preferences and the platform you are planning to share your video on. For Facebook, it’s recommended to export the video in a format that is widely supported, such as MP4.

After exporting your video, navigate to Facebook and find the option to upload a video. Select your exported video file and wait for it to finish uploading. Once the upload is complete, add a catchy caption, tag relevant people or pages, and hit the post button!


Creating a Facebook video with music doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can produce a captivating video that will captivate your audience. Remember to always use music that you have the rights to or music that is royalty-free to avoid any copyright issues. So, go ahead and let your creativity flow, and start sharing your videos with the world!