How To Keep Snapchat Pics

As a frequent user of Snapchat, I know how frustrating it can be to lose those precious moments captured in a fleeting snap. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a funny face, or a memorable event, we all want to keep those pics for longer than the 24-hour lifespan imposed by Snapchat. In this article, I’ll share some tips and tricks on how to keep Snapchat pics so that you can cherish those memories forever.

1. Take a Screenshot

The easiest and most straightforward way to keep a Snapchat pic is to take a screenshot. Simply open the snap, make sure it is fully visible on your screen, and then press the necessary buttons to take a screenshot on your device. On most smartphones, it’s usually a combination of the power button and the volume down button.

Keep in mind that when you take a screenshot, the sender will receive a notification. So, if you want to keep the pic without the other person knowing, you’ll need to be quick and discreet. Additionally, some users may have enabled screenshot detection, which means they will be notified even if you attempt to take a screenshot. In such cases, this method may not work.

2. Use a Third-Party App

If you’re looking for a more reliable and discreet way to keep Snapchat pics, you can turn to third-party apps specifically designed for this purpose. These apps allow you to save snaps without sending a notification to the sender.

However, it’s important to note that using third-party apps to save Snapchat pics goes against Snapchat’s terms of service. While the risk of being caught and facing consequences is relatively low, it’s essential to consider the legal and ethical implications. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

3. Enable Travel Mode

Snapchat has a feature called Travel Mode, which can help you save data and also keep snaps in your memories for longer. When Travel Mode is enabled, snaps won’t automatically download in the background, which means they won’t disappear after you’ve viewed them.

To enable Travel Mode, go to your Snapchat settings and look for the “Manage” section. You’ll find the option to enable Travel Mode there. Keep in mind that enabling Travel Mode will prevent snaps from automatically loading, so you’ll need to tap on each snap individually to view it.

4. Save to Camera Roll or Memories

In 2018, Snapchat introduced a feature called Memories, which allows you to save snaps directly to your Snapchat account. This feature is a fantastic way to keep your favorite snaps without the need for third-party apps or screenshots.

To save a snap to Memories, simply tap on the save button (a downward-arrow icon) within the snap itself. This will store the snap within your Memories, and you can access it later by swiping up on the camera screen and selecting the “Memories” tab.

Additionally, you can save snaps directly to your device’s camera roll by enabling the “Save to Camera Roll” option in your Snapchat settings. When this is enabled, any snap you receive will automatically be saved to your camera roll.


While Snapchat may have been designed as a temporary and ephemeral way to share moments, there are several methods you can use to keep those precious pics for longer. From taking screenshots to using third-party apps or utilizing Snapchat’s own features like Memories and Travel Mode, the choice is yours.

However, it’s essential to consider the privacy and ethical implications of saving Snapchat pics without the sender’s knowledge. Always respect others’ privacy and remember that consent is key when it comes to sharing and saving personal content.

So, go ahead and capture those memorable moments on Snapchat, but remember to do so responsibly and with respect for others. Happy snapping!