How To Get Sounds For Discord Soundboard

As an avid Discord user, one of my favorite features is the ability to customize my server with a soundboard. A soundboard is a collection of audio clips that can be played during conversations, adding a fun and interactive element to the chat. In this article, I will share with you how to get sounds for your Discord soundboard, so you can enhance your server and bring even more enjoyment to your community.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Sounds

The first step in creating a soundboard is to gather the audio clips you want to use. It’s important to select sounds that are relevant to your server’s theme or community interests. For example, if you have a gaming server, you might choose sound effects from popular games. If you have a music server, you could include clips of your favorite songs or musical instruments.

There are several ways to find sounds for your Discord soundboard:

1. Online Sound Libraries

There are numerous websites that offer free sound libraries where you can download audio clips. Some popular options include:

Browse these websites and search for sounds that fit your server’s theme. Once you find a sound you like, click on the download link and save it to your computer.

2. Record Your Own Sounds

If you’re feeling creative, you can also record your own sounds to use on your soundboard. This gives you complete control over the audio quality and content. You can use a microphone to record sounds from your environment, or use audio editing software to create your own custom sound effects.

Step 2: Converting and Formatting the Sounds

Once you have gathered your collection of sounds, you will need to convert them to a compatible format and adjust their volume levels if necessary. Discord supports most common audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, and OGG.

To convert your audio files, you can use various software tools and online converters. Some popular options include:

Simply upload your audio file to the converter of your choice and select the desired output format. Once the conversion is complete, download the converted file and save it to your computer.

Step 3: Setting Up a Soundboard Bot

Now that you have your collection of sounds ready, it’s time to set up a soundboard bot on your Discord server. A soundboard bot is a Discord bot specifically designed to play audio clips in voice channels.

There are several soundboard bots available, each with its own features and commands. Some popular options include:

  • Airhorn Solutions
  • Discord Soundboard
  • SoundFX

To set up a soundboard bot, visit the bot’s website or search for it on Discord bot listing websites. Follow the instructions provided by the bot’s developers to invite the bot to your server and configure it.

Step 4: Uploading and Playing Sounds

Once you have the soundboard bot set up, it’s time to upload your sounds and start playing them in your Discord voice channels. Most soundboard bots have commands that allow you to upload and manage your audio clips.

Typically, you will use a command like !upload or !addsound to add a sound to your bot’s library. Then, you can use commands like !play or !sound followed by the sound’s name or alias to play it in the voice channel you are in.

Make sure to test your soundboard and adjust the volume levels if needed. You can also create custom commands or aliases for your sounds to make them easier to play.


Creating a soundboard for your Discord server is a great way to add fun and interactivity to your community. By selecting the right sounds, converting and formatting them appropriately, and setting up a soundboard bot, you can easily create a personalized soundboard that will enhance your Discord experience.

Remember to respect copyright laws and only use sounds that you have the rights to use. Additionally, be mindful of the volume levels and avoid using sounds that may be offensive or disruptive to others.