How To Find A Phone Number From Facebook

As a technology enthusiast, I understand the importance of having access to contact information in today’s connected world. Facebook is one platform that has revolutionized the way we connect with others, but it can sometimes be challenging to find someone’s phone number through the platform. In this article, I will guide you through the process of finding a phone number from Facebook, step by step.

Why Would You Want to Find a Phone Number on Facebook?

Before we dive into the details, let’s talk about why you might want to find a phone number on Facebook. There could be various reasons for this, such as reconnecting with an old friend, reaching out to a business contact, or verifying the authenticity of a profile. However, it’s important to remember that privacy and security should be respected, and not everyone may want their phone number shared.

Step 1: Check the User’s Profile

The first step in finding a phone number on Facebook is to visit the user’s profile. Look for any sections or contact information they have shared, such as their “About” section or their “Contact and Basic Info” tab. Some users may choose to make their phone number public, which would make your search much easier. If you find the phone number you’re looking for, make sure to note it down carefully.

Step 2: Utilize the Graph Search Feature

If you weren’t able to find the phone number on the user’s profile, Facebook’s Graph Search feature can help you dig deeper. By using specific search queries, you can narrow down your results and increase the chances of finding the desired phone number.

To access the Graph Search, simply type your query in the Facebook search bar. For example, you could try searching for “phone number of [person’s name]” or “phone number who works at [company name].” Experiment with different variations to see what produces the most relevant results.

Step 3: Explore Third-Party Websites

If the above steps haven’t been successful, you can turn to external websites that specialize in finding contact information. These websites often collect data from various sources, including social media platforms like Facebook. However, it’s important to note that these websites may charge a fee for their services or may not always provide accurate information.

Some popular third-party websites that can help you find phone numbers are Whitepages, Spokeo, and Intelius. Keep in mind that while these websites can be helpful, it’s essential to exercise caution and verify the information you find.

Step 4: Contact Mutual Connections

If all else fails, you can try reaching out to mutual connections who may have the phone number you’re looking for. Facebook allows you to see mutual friends on a user’s profile, so you can check if any of these connections have the desired contact information. Send them a polite message explaining your intention and ask if they would be willing to provide the phone number or connect you with the person directly.


While finding a phone number on Facebook can be challenging at times, it’s not impossible. By thoroughly exploring a user’s profile, utilizing Facebook’s Graph Search, exploring third-party websites, and reaching out to mutual connections, you can increase your chances of finding the desired phone number.

Remember, it’s important to respect privacy and not misuse any personal information you come across during your search. Always obtain consent before using someone’s phone number, and be mindful of the potential implications.

Happy searching!