How To Do The Time Thing On Discord

Hey there! Today I want to talk about a fun little feature on Discord that you may not know about – the time thing! It’s a cool way to share the current time with your friends or in a server. Let’s dive in and I’ll show you how to do it.

Setting the Time Zone

Before you can start using the time thing on Discord, you need to make sure your time zone is set correctly. To do this, click on the server name at the top left of the Discord window. Then, click on “Server Settings” and go to the “Overview” tab. Here, you’ll find the “Server Region” option, which is where you can set your time zone.

Make sure to select the correct time zone so that the time displayed by Discord is accurate for you. Once you’ve set your time zone, you’re ready to start using the time thing!

Displaying the Time

There are a few different ways you can display the time on Discord, depending on what you prefer. Here are a couple of methods:

Using Text Channels

If you want to display the time in a specific text channel, you can use a bot to do it. There are several bots available that can display the current time in a channel. Simply invite the bot to your server, grant it the necessary permissions, and set it up to display the time in the desired channel.

For example, you can use a bot like “TimeBot” or “ClockBot” to display the time in a text channel. These bots allow you to customize the format of the time display and even set it to different time zones if needed.

Using Your Profile or Status

If you want to display the time on your own profile or in your status message, you can do that too. To display the time on your profile, go to your User Settings (click on your profile picture at the bottom left of the Discord window) and navigate to the “Profile” tab. Here, you can customize your profile and add a custom status message that includes the time.

For example, you could set your status message to something like “It’s currently {current_time}” or “Time: {current_time}” and Discord will automatically replace “{current_time}” with the current time when someone views your profile.


And there you have it! Now you know how to do the time thing on Discord. Whether you want to display the time in a text channel or on your profile, Discord has you covered. It’s a neat little feature that can add a personal touch to your server or profile. Give it a try and have fun!