How To Delete A Sticker From Snapchat

Hey there! So, let me walk you through the process of deleting a sticker from Snapchat. As someone who loves using Snapchat to add some fun to my photos and videos, I totally get it when you want to remove a sticker that doesn’t quite fit or isn’t relevant anymore. Luckily, Snapchat makes it pretty simple to delete stickers from your snaps. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Open the Snapchat App

The first thing you need to do is open the Snapchat app on your smartphone. If you haven’t already, go ahead and log in with your Snapchat credentials. Once you’re in, you’ll see the Snapchat camera screen, ready for you to capture a snap.

Step 2: Take or Select a Snap

Next, it’s time to either take a new snap or select an existing one from your camera roll. To take a new snap, simply tap the circular button at the bottom-center of the screen to capture a photo, or hold it to record a video. If you prefer to use an existing photo or video, tap the small icon in the bottom-left corner to access your camera roll, and then select the snap you want to work with.

Step 3: Access the Stickers Menu

Now that you have your snap ready, it’s time to access the stickers menu. To do this, look for the square icon on the right side of the screen, just above the keyboard. Tap on it, and a variety of stickers will appear.

Step 4: Find the Sticker You Want to Delete

Browse through the available stickers and find the one you want to delete. Snapchat offers a wide range of stickers, including emojis, Bitmojis, and various other fun and quirky designs. Once you’ve located the sticker you wish to remove, proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Delete the Sticker

To delete the sticker, simply tap and hold on it for a few seconds. You’ll notice that the sticker will become highlighted and a trash can icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Drag the sticker towards the trash can icon to remove it from your snap. Once you release your finger, the sticker will be deleted, and you can move on to the next step or save your snap.

Step 6: Customize and Share Your Snap

After removing the unwanted sticker, you can further customize your snap using various Snapchat tools and features. You can add text, draw on your snap, apply filters, change the display time, and more. Once you’re satisfied with your edits, you can send your snap to friends, add it to your story, or save it to your camera roll.


Deleting a sticker from Snapchat is a breeze once you know the steps. Whether you accidentally added a sticker or simply changed your mind, Snapchat provides an easy way to remove them from your snaps. Now you can feel confident in your ability to keep your snaps clean and sticker-free. So go ahead, have fun, and let your creativity shine on Snapchat!