How To Cite A Youtube Video In Chicago

As a technology enthusiast and avid content creator, I often find myself referencing online videos in my research and writing. YouTube, being a popular platform for videos, is a valuable source of information. However, when it comes to citing a YouTube video in academic or professional work, it’s important to follow the appropriate citation style. In this article, I will guide you through the process of citing a YouTube video in Chicago style, providing detailed instructions and personal insights along the way.

Why Citing YouTube Videos Matters

Citing sources is an essential aspect of any research or academic work. It not only acknowledges the original creator’s work but also provides credibility and helps readers locate the referenced information. YouTube videos, like any other source, need to be properly cited to give credit to the content creators and support the reliability of your own work.

The Basic Format

In Chicago style, the basic format for citing a YouTube video includes the following elements:

  1. Creator’s Name
  2. Title of the Video
  3. YouTube Channel Name
  4. Date of Publication
  5. URL

Creator’s Name

When citing a YouTube video, begin with the creator’s name. Include their first name, followed by their last name. If the creator’s name is not provided, you can use the username or the name of the YouTube channel as the creator’s name.

For example, if the video is created by John Doe, the citation would start with:

Doe, John

Title of the Video

Next, include the title of the video. It should be formatted in title case and enclosed in quotation marks.

For example, if the video is titled “The Impact of Technology on Society,” the citation would continue with:

"The Impact of Technology on Society"

YouTube Channel Name

After the title of the video, include the name of the YouTube channel. This helps identify the source and provides additional context.

For example, if the video is published on the channel named “Tech Talks,” the citation would include:

Tech Talks

Date of Publication

Include the date of publication of the video. This can usually be found below the video or in the video description.

For example, if the video was published on June 15, 2022, the citation would include:

June 15, 2022


Lastly, include the URL of the YouTube video. This allows readers to access the video directly.

For example, if the URL of the video is “,” the citation would conclude with:

Putting It All Together

Now that we have the individual elements, let’s combine them into a complete citation. Here’s how the final Chicago style citation for a YouTube video would look:

Doe, John. “The Impact of Technology on Society.” Tech Talks. June 15, 2022.

Important Considerations

When citing YouTube videos in Chicago style, there are a few additional points to keep in mind:

  • If the creator’s name is not available, start the citation with the username or channel name.
  • If the video has a specific time stamp that you want to reference, include it after the URL in the citation.
  • Remember to use italics for the video title if it is the same as the YouTube channel name.
  • If the video has multiple creators, list the main creator’s name followed by “et al.”


Citing YouTube videos in Chicago style is an important practice when incorporating online videos into your academic or professional work. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can ensure that you properly acknowledge the content creators and provide accurate references for your readers. Remember, accurate citations not only enhance the credibility of your own work but also show respect for the creative efforts of others.