How To Become Moderator On Youtube

Hey there! So you want to become a moderator on YouTube? That’s awesome! Being a YouTube moderator is a great way to contribute to the community and help keep the platform safe and positive for everyone. As a moderator, you’ll have the power to review and remove inappropriate content, respond to comments, and generally help maintain a healthy and engaging environment.

Before we dive into the details, I want to give you a heads up that becoming a moderator on YouTube is not something that can be achieved directly through an application process. It’s more of an organic process where YouTube identifies users who consistently engage positively with the community and demonstrates their knowledge of YouTube’s policies and guidelines.

Step 1: Build a Positive Presence on YouTube

The first step towards becoming a YouTube moderator is to establish yourself as a positive and engaged member of the YouTube community. Create a channel and start uploading your own videos or commenting on other videos. Interact with the community, respond to comments, and show your support for other creators.

Additionally, make sure you follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Policies. Avoid engaging in any behavior that violates these guidelines, such as spamming, sharing inappropriate content, or engaging in any form of harassment. Consistently demonstrating your commitment to these guidelines will increase your chances of being noticed by YouTube.

Step 2: Stay Informed about YouTube’s Policies and Guidelines

In order to become a YouTube moderator, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of YouTube’s policies and guidelines. Regularly review and familiarize yourself with YouTube’s Community Guidelines to ensure you are aware of what is considered acceptable behavior on the platform.

Keep an eye out for any updates or changes to these guidelines and adapt your behavior accordingly. This will not only demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe and positive environment but also help you effectively moderate content in the future.

Step 3: Engage with the YouTube Community

Engaging with the YouTube community is key to becoming a moderator. Support other creators by subscribing to their channels, liking their videos, and leaving thoughtful comments. Participate in discussions and provide helpful insights whenever possible.

By actively engaging with the community, you’ll not only gain visibility but also develop relationships with other creators and users. This can lead to opportunities to collaborate, which can further enhance your chances of becoming a YouTube moderator.

Step 4: Report and Flag Inappropriate Content

One of the responsibilities of a YouTube moderator is to identify and report inappropriate content. If you come across any videos, comments, or users that violate YouTube’s policies, make sure to report them using the appropriate reporting tools provided by the platform.

By consistently reporting and flagging inappropriate content, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a safe and positive environment on YouTube. This will ultimately increase your chances of being noticed by YouTube as a potential moderator.

Step 5: Be Patient and Persistent

Becoming a YouTube moderator is not an overnight process. It requires patience, persistence, and dedication. Keep in mind that there are thousands of users on YouTube, and it may take time for YouTube to recognize your efforts.

Continue engaging positively with the community, staying informed about YouTube’s policies, and reporting any inappropriate content you come across. Remember, consistency is key. The more consistent and dedicated you are, the more likely you are to catch YouTube’s attention as a potential moderator.


Becoming a YouTube moderator is a rewarding experience that allows you to contribute to the platform’s safety and positive community. By building a positive presence on YouTube, staying informed about policies, engaging with the community, and reporting inappropriate content, you increase your chances of being noticed as a potential moderator.

Remember, the key is to be patient, persistent, and dedicated. Good luck on your journey to becoming a YouTube moderator!