How Much Does Turbotax Cost Reddit

As a technology enthusiast, I always find myself curious about the cost of different software and services. Recently, I came across a question on Reddit asking about the cost of TurboTax, a popular tax preparation software. Being a user of TurboTax myself, I was intrigued to explore this topic further and share my insights.

When it comes to filing taxes, TurboTax is widely recognized as one of the leading software options. It offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive tax guidance, and various features to simplify the process. However, the cost of using TurboTax can vary depending on several factors.

Free Edition

Let’s start with the Free Edition of TurboTax. As the name suggests, this version is designed for individuals with simple tax returns. If you have a basic income, claim the standard deduction, and don’t have any complex tax situations, the Free Edition might be suitable for you. It allows you to file both federal and state taxes for free.

Keep in mind that while the Free Edition covers many tax situations, it may not support certain forms and schedules that are required for more complex tax scenarios. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate your tax situation before opting for this version.

Paid Versions

If your tax situation is more complex and requires additional forms and schedules, TurboTax offers several paid versions to choose from. These versions provide more comprehensive features and assistance tailored to specific tax needs. Here are some of the paid options:

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of TurboTax is designed for individuals who have more deductions and credits to claim. It includes all features of the Free Edition and provides additional guidance for maximizing deductions such as mortgage interest, charitable contributions, and medical expenses. This version usually costs around $60 for federal filing, with an additional fee for state filing.

Premier Edition

For individuals with investments or rental properties, the Premier Edition of TurboTax is a great choice. It includes all the features of the Deluxe Edition and provides extra guidance for reporting investment income, rental property expenses, and other investment-related deductions. The Premier Edition generally costs around $90 for federal filing, with an additional fee for state filing.

Self-Employed Edition

If you are self-employed or have a side business, the Self-Employed Edition of TurboTax is tailored to meet your needs. It includes everything in the Premier Edition and provides additional support for calculating business expenses, maximizing business deductions, and handling self-employment taxes. The Self-Employed Edition is typically priced around $120 for federal filing, with an additional fee for state filing.

Additional Costs and Considerations

While the pricing mentioned above gives you an idea of the cost of TurboTax, it’s important to note that there might be additional costs depending on your specific tax situation. For example, if you need to file taxes for more than one state, there will be an extra fee for each additional state filing. Additionally, if you require professional assistance from a TurboTax expert, there might be additional charges for that service.

It’s also worth mentioning that TurboTax often provides special discounts and promotions, especially during the tax season. Keep an eye out for any ongoing deals that might reduce the overall cost of using TurboTax.


Overall, the cost of using TurboTax depends on the version you choose and the complexity of your tax situation. From the Free Edition to the various paid options, TurboTax offers flexibility and guidance to cater to different tax needs. Remember to evaluate your tax situation and consider the features that align with your requirements before making a decision.

I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the cost of TurboTax on Reddit. Whether you decide to go with the Free Edition or one of the paid versions, TurboTax can be a valuable tool to simplify the tax filing process. Happy tax season!