How Do You Comment On A Youtube Video

Commenting on a YouTube video is a great way to engage with the content creators and other viewers. It allows you to share your thoughts, ask questions, and participate in discussions surrounding the video. In this article, I will guide you through the process of commenting on a YouTube video and provide some tips to make your comments more effective.

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube

Before you can comment on a video, you need to be signed in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one by visiting the YouTube website and clicking on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of the page. Once you’re signed in, you’re ready to start commenting.

Step 2: Find the Video

Now, it’s time to find the video on which you want to leave a comment. You can do this by using the search bar at the top of the YouTube page or by browsing through your subscriptions or recommended videos. Once you’ve found the video, click on it to open it.

Step 3: Scroll Down to the Comment Section

Scroll down below the video player until you reach the comment section. The comment section is located below the video description and above the suggested videos. Here, you’ll find a text box where you can type your comment.

Step 4: Write Your Comment

Take a moment to think about what you want to say and then start typing your comment in the text box. You can express your thoughts, ask questions, or provide feedback to the content creator. However, it’s important to keep your comment respectful and constructive. Avoid any offensive or harassing language.

Step 5: Post Your Comment

Once you’re satisfied with your comment, it’s time to post it. Click on the “Comment” button below the text box to publish your comment. Your comment will then appear below the video for others to see and respond to.

Tips for Effective Comments

Now that you know how to comment on a YouTube video, let’s talk about how to make your comments more effective:

  • Be respectful: Treat others with respect and avoid engaging in personal attacks or spreading hate.
  • Stay on topic: Keep your comments relevant to the video and the discussion at hand.
  • Engage with others: Reply to other comments, ask questions, and participate in meaningful discussions.
  • Provide constructive feedback: If you have any suggestions or criticisms, express them in a constructive manner.
  • Avoid spamming: Don’t flood the comment section with repetitive or irrelevant comments.


Commenting on YouTube videos is a valuable way to connect with content creators and other viewers. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily leave comments and engage in meaningful discussions. Remember to be respectful, stay on topic, and provide constructive feedback. Happy commenting!