Does Youtube Music Have A Desktop App

I remember when I first discovered YouTube Music, I was instantly hooked. The app allowed me to access a vast library of music, create personalized playlists, and explore new artists. But as much as I loved using the mobile app, I found myself wondering if there was a desktop version available. After all, listening to music on a bigger screen with better speakers is a whole different experience.

So, I did some digging to find out if YouTube Music has a desktop app. And the answer is yes, it does! YouTube Music offers a desktop application for both Windows and Mac users. This means you can enjoy your favorite tunes without needing to keep your phone by your side all the time.

Why Use the YouTube Music Desktop App?

There are several advantages to using the YouTube Music desktop app. First and foremost, it offers a more immersive listening experience. With a larger screen and better audio quality, you can truly appreciate the music in all its glory. Whether you’re jamming out to your favorite hits or discovering new artists, the desktop app enhances your overall music enjoyment.

Another benefit is the ability to multitask. While using the YouTube Music mobile app, you’re limited to one screen at a time. But with the desktop app, you can have multiple windows open, making it easier to browse the web, work on projects, or engage in other activities while still having access to your music.

Features of the YouTube Music Desktop App

The desktop app for YouTube Music offers many of the same features as the mobile app. You can search for songs, albums, and artists, create and edit playlists, and discover new music based on your interests. The app also provides personalized recommendations based on your listening habits, ensuring that you never run out of great music to enjoy.

In addition, the desktop app allows for offline listening. This means you can download your favorite songs and playlists to your computer, so you can enjoy them even when you don’t have an internet connection. It’s perfect for long flights, road trips, or any situation where you might be without Wi-Fi.

How to Download and Install the YouTube Music Desktop App

Downloading and installing the YouTube Music desktop app is a straightforward process. Simply visit the official YouTube Music website and look for the download link for your operating system. Once you’ve downloaded the installer file, double-click on it to begin the installation process.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have the YouTube Music desktop app up and running on your computer. Make sure to sign in with your YouTube or Google account to access your personalized music library and playlists.


If you’re a fan of YouTube Music like I am, you’ll be delighted to know that there is indeed a desktop app available. With its enhanced audio and visual experience, multitasking capabilities, and offline listening feature, the YouTube Music desktop app takes your music enjoyment to the next level. So why not give it a try and see how it enhances your music listening experience?