Does Watching Your Own Youtube Video Count As A View

I have always wondered whether watching my own YouTube videos counts as a view. As a content creator, it is natural to want to know how many people are watching my videos and how popular they are. So, I decided to dive deep into this topic and find out the truth.

After doing some research and consulting YouTube’s policies, I discovered that watching your own YouTube video does indeed count as a view. However, there are some conditions and limitations to be aware of.

1. Initial View Count

When you first upload a video to YouTube, the initial views that you accumulate within the first few hours will be from your own views. YouTube counts these views in order to verify that the video is being watched by real users. This initial view count helps YouTube’s algorithms understand the video’s potential popularity and determine its position in search results and recommendations.

2. Viewing Your Own Video Multiple Times

While watching your own video once or a few times won’t have a significant impact on the overall view count, repeatedly watching your own video can potentially be flagged by YouTube as spam or manipulation. YouTube has algorithms in place to detect such behavior, and excessive self-viewing can result in the view count being adjusted or even the video being removed.

It is important to remember that YouTube’s goal is to provide accurate and meaningful view counts. Any attempts to artificially inflate views go against the platform’s policies and can lead to penalties.

3. Logged-in vs. Logged-out Views

It’s worth noting that YouTube differentiates between views from logged-in users and views from logged-out users. If you are logged in to your YouTube account while watching your own video, it will count as a view. However, if you are logged out or watching your video in incognito mode, the view may not be counted. YouTube does this to ensure that views are coming from genuine users and not from automated bots or scripts.

4. Embedding Your Own Video

Another interesting aspect is embedding your own video on external websites, such as your personal blog or social media platforms. When your video is embedded on a different website and you watch it from there, it will still count as a view on YouTube. This is because YouTube tracks where the video is being played, regardless of the website it is embedded on.


So, to answer the question, “Does watching your own YouTube video count as a view?” – yes, it does. However, it is important to be mindful of YouTube’s policies and guidelines. While watching your own video a few times won’t harm the view count, excessively viewing your own content can be considered spam or manipulation, potentially leading to penalties.

As a content creator, it is essential to focus on producing quality content that resonates with your audience. Ultimately, it is their views and engagement that matter most. So, keep creating, and let your viewers be the driving force behind your success.