Does Deleting A Message On Discord Delete It For Everyone

Deleted messages on Discord have often been a topic of confusion and misunderstanding. As an avid Discord user myself, I have encountered this dilemma countless times. It is important to understand the implications of deleting a message on Discord and whether it truly deletes the message for everyone involved.

When we send a message on Discord, it is posted in a specific channel or direct message (DM) to one or more individuals. If we think we’ve made a mistake or simply want to remove a message, the option to delete it is readily available. However, the question remains: does deleting a message on Discord delete it for everyone?

The short answer is: it depends on the circumstances.

Deleting messages in DMs

Let’s start by examining the scenario where a message is deleted in a direct message conversation between two individuals. In this case, if you delete a message, it will be removed from your own view of the conversation. However, it is important to note that the message will still be visible to the other person involved in the DM. So, deleting a message in a DM does not delete it for the other person.

Deleting messages in server channels

Things work a bit differently when it comes to deleting messages in server channels. If you are a regular member or have lower permissions in the server, you can delete your own messages within a limited time frame, usually around 24 hours. When you delete a message in a server channel, it will be removed for everyone who has access to that particular channel. This means that the message will no longer be visible to other members of the server.

However, if you are a server administrator or have elevated permissions, you can also delete messages that were sent by other members. This means that as an admin, you have the power to remove messages that were not authored by you. When you delete someone else’s message as an admin, it will be deleted for everyone in the server and will no longer be visible to anyone.

Message deletion limitations

It is important to note that there are some limitations to message deletion on Discord. One limitation is the time frame within which a message can be deleted. After a certain period of time, usually around 24 hours, messages become “permanent” and cannot be deleted. So, if you regret sending a message after this time frame has passed, you won’t be able to remove it.

Another limitation is that deleting a message does not completely erase it from existence. Although the message is no longer visible to other users, it may still be stored in Discord’s database. This is done primarily for moderation and security purposes, allowing server administrators and Discord moderators to review messages if necessary.


In conclusion, deleting a message on Discord does not always delete it for everyone. In direct message conversations, deleting a message only removes it from your own view and not from the other person’s view. However, in server channels, deleting a message will remove it for everyone who has access to that channel. It is important to be mindful of the limitations of message deletion and to consider the potential impact before sending a message on Discord.